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Welcome to DRK Industries/Entertainment offical website! If your new or just visiting feel free to browse our site! We will be having a lot of updates this upcoming week so if there is any issues at all please feel free to contact us!


  • We are hiring and we are looking for people that have expierience with programming! Contact Us now for more info.
  • You like minecraft? Well we have 3 servers for you to play on and choose from! Visit the minecraft forum for more info!
  • Lots of updates coming! So stay tuned!

Company Info

This company was founded in 8/1/10. Nothing really happened in those 2 years until now. We have made our own game, started our own minecraft servers, and also we hopefully will be starting a hosting service for websites later this year. Since we are a small company we would like to ask for anyone that has any coding experience to post something on the Business forum. We would be very glad to hire you!